Mentor Network
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Historically, our participants were generally the first in their families to go to college. We found that they struggled to stay in college because of the new psychological, emotional, and financial stresses that can accompany such a new experience, especially those who lived on campus and/or moved out of state. It's natural for a participant to share their problems or concerns with those they feel most comfortable with, or those who are active in their lives. We understand that without a support system our participants could easily find themselves distressed and overwhelmed. Changes to a participant's enrollment status, such as dropping out of college, or transferring back in-state or to a community college can easily go unnoticed. These concerns require us to be vigilant, proactive, and provide adequate, year round contact. The implementation of the NCI Mentor Network was to ensure that we were able to maintain open communication with each participant, monitor participant progress, continue to build a positive and holistic relationship with each participant, and help the participant navigate through the various challenges that come with being a college student.

During the summer months, the NCI Mentors typically consist of Newark College Freshman Institute alumni, participants who have went through the NCFI in a previous summer, and participants who have done at least one NCI summer internship. During the academic year, NCI Mentors typically consist of graduate students, professionals working in their field post-graduation from a 4-year institution of higher education, or upperclassmen NCFI alumni.