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Newark College Freshman Institute

Founded in 2012, the Newark College Institute is comprised of three components: the Newark College Freshman Institute (NCFI), the NCI Summer Internships (NSI), and the Newark College Senior Institute (NCSI). All three components function to service individuals who are Newark residents and attending a four-year institution of higher education. The mission of NCI is to prepare participants to meet the demand for highly educated professional employees by providing the participants with real world professional and personal development skills and exposure to various career opportunities and industry leaders. The NCI mission has grown to provide support for its participants year-round in order to continuously engage the students while they are in college and to ensure information and support services are accessible to them. The Newark College Institute is part of the Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC) and works in partnership with multiple agencies and organizations across the city of Newark and beyond.

Newark College Institute Steering Committee

    • Purpose
    • The Steering Committee is to oversee and manage all aspects of the Newark College Institute and its several programs and to serve as the chief decision-making body of the NCI, providing both short-term and long-term planning, direction, and financing.

    • Meetings
    • The Steering Committee will meet as required to carry out its objectives and to track progress. The meetings are informal in practice; however they will be led by the Chair or Vice-Chair, or in the absence of both, or by their direction, the Program Manager. An agenda will be distributed prior to each meeting and minutes will follow. Decisions will be made by consensus of the Committee members and approved by the Chair. If there is no consensus, the Chair can call for a vote, in which majority rules.

    • Members
    • The Steering Committee is comprised of individual persons and organizations with particular individuals elected by that organization. It is intended that the Committee leverage the experiences, expertise, and insight of key individuals and organizations committed to the mission of the NCI. Committee members should understand the strategic implications and outcomes of initiatives being pursued through project outputs, appreciate the significance of the project for some or all stakeholders and represent their interests, and be genuinely interested in the mission of the NCI and be an advocate for broad support for the outcomes being pursued.

Chair: Dale Anglin, Victoria Foundation

The Victoria Foundation is the primary funder for the NCI and its several programs. This representative serves as financial officer and executes the standard role of a chair.

Chair Emeritus: Arcelio Aponte, Rutgers University – Newark

Arcelio, as founder of the NCI and now serving as Vice ​ ​ ​Provost of RU-N, provides both guidance and direction to the Steering Committee but does not carry any voting rights. Rutgers University – Newark serves as the hub for all NCI programming and headquarters for all NCI activities.

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